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When travelling to Italy one of the most scenic ways to experience the sights Italy has to offer is through outdoor adventures. Italy is filled with beautiful sights and landscapes. Many tourists focus on hitting every museum in Italy and going to famous monuments, but adding outdoor explorations to your itinerary will leave you with amazing moments and a great feel of Italian culture. Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner or family there is something that will suit everyone. Outdoor activities in Italy range from being peaceful to getting your adrenaline running through your blood. Including fun outdoor explorations will make you fall in love with the beautiful Italian sights and culture. Also, adding these experiences will create many beautiful moments and unforgettable memories. 


Scuba Diving Off Capri

This activity is a must for the ocean lovers. Capri is located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples. This is a beautiful island. There are many caves you can explore on the island like Blue Grotto. You can also give yourself some serene moments on the island since it is away from the crowds of people. If you want to keep exploring the island you can take boat tours and go snorkeling around the island! 

Kayaking in Naples 

Kayaking off the coastline of Naples will allow you to disconnect from the restless everyday life. There are many companies that offer great kayaking tours that include other activities like snorkeling and cave exploring. You will see some of the most amazing sights of Italy and learn more about their culture and history by observing ruins. You will also be able to explore some beautiful villas and gardens. 

Sailing in Sardinia 

Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is known for it’s best sailing. Sailors from around Italy and from around the world go to the island to set off their adventures. Sailing is an amazing opportunity to go tour the beautiful coast around it. Some of the best coasts to stop by are Costa Smeralda and Costa Verde, here you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking water and views.  

Snorkeling in Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean Island. The best time to enjoy this activity is during the summer time (July-August). This is a great activity and you will be able to spot much marine life under the water. You will be fascinated by all of the life that you can see while snorkeling. There is also a cave in Sicily that you can go explore, Grotto Azzurra of Taormina. There are also more activities you can enjoy, like boating, if you can’t get enough of this beautiful island.  

Hot Springs in Tuscany

If you need a perfect getaway spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, then going to Cascate del Mulino is your go-to place! You probably had no idea that Tuscany is home to one of the most beautiful and relaxing hot springs in Italy. This is a perfect activity to enjoy year-round! If a day trip to the springs is not enough for you, you can book a resort for the night or you can reserve a private tour. You will enjoy every minute of the dreamy and peaceful waterfalls.


By: Sofia Mendez

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