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By: Jasmine Szikszay

Italy is well known for its amazing cuisine, unlimited amounts of wine, and beautiful architecture. While you’re visiting, you can’t miss out on all of the scenic activities that Italy is not as well known for! If you’re searching for a scenic and outdoor vacation, here are some of our favorite outdoor adventures that showcase Italy’s geology. While you’re at it, check out our other blog post that includes some more outdoor activities if you are a water lover.


Let’s make some memories!


Cave Exploring in Le Marche

Cave exploring is an unforgettable experience. Believe it or not, there are several caves that can be found throughout Italy. An Italian favorite can be found in Le Marche. While enjoying the views of La Marche and its beauty, make sure to visit Grotte di Frasassi which is the best cave in Italy to discover. Deep within this cave, you can view breathtaking stalactite and stalagmite formations. This is also home to one of the largest underground churches that was built centuries ago – Tempio di Valadier. 


Hiking in the Dolomites

Arguably one of the most scenic activities in Italy, the Dolomites hosts thousands of hikers every year! There are several activities that can be found at the Dolomites; the easiest and most accessible one is hiking and enjoying the breathtaking views. Like many mountain ranges, the Dolomites host different levels of difficult paths. It’s all up to you! And most importantly, make sure to pack your comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. Let’s go!


Cycling around Tuscany

Biking is a fantastic activity for almost everyone. Not only can you rent bicycles and take your own path around Tuscany, but you can also schedule a tour with one of the many companies that offer biking packages. You can ride a normal bicycle, city bike, or even try out a Vespa! Like any outdoor activity, make sure the difficulty level is bearable for everyone! Some countryside tours require biking uphill and at least intermediate biking skills.


Skiing in Piedmont

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can’t miss skiing in Piedmont while visiting Italy. Piedmont is known as “the land of the mountains”. One of the few protected valley’s left in the Italian Alps, Valle Stura offers some of the best slopes for skiing. You can find unlimited ski-resorts that even include packages for various skiing activities. Expect to find some drops that run up to 4000 meters!


Rock Climbing

The geology of Italy is fascinating, and rock-climbing allows you to get up close and see the beauty! Some of the best peaks are found in the Alps, Carnic Alps, as well as the Dolomites. If you’re looking to rock climb around water, check out the adrenaline-filled climbs along the Mediterranean coast or Lake Garda. The plethora of stunning mountains and peaks within Italy will keep you busy for days! Having a travel guide for rock climbing in Italy is crucial for not only safety but to educate everyone on the breathtaking rock formations that you will find throughout your trip.


Camping sites are spread throughout all of Italy. This is a great activity to get all of the nature vibes Italy has to offer. A great place to go camping is Lecce, Puglia. This is a relaxing experience for everyone! There are so many beautiful campsites but our favorite is Riva di Urgento. There are unbeatable sea and forest views. This is a great way to soak up the Italian culture and bond with others while you’re at it.

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